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How To: Use App-V Unattended Installer

فبراير 29, 2012 تعليق واحد

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can use App-V Unattended Installer to build a complete App-V environment for testing purposes and small size production environment.

What is App-V Unattended Installer?!

Simply, it’s a combination of Windows PowerShell scripts running behind a simple GUI wizard that requires the user to input a couple of few elements and does all the necessary steps and configurations to setup App-V Server 4.6 SP1 according to “Microsoft App-V 4.6 SP1 Trial Guide“.

How to use it?!

As mentioned above, App-V Unattended Installer does all the installation and configuration from A to Z. So, you don’t have to install any pre-requisites before you use it. All you need is a Domain-Joined machine running just Windows Server 2008 R2.

Now, let start building the App-V environment by following the steps below:

1- After you download the App-V Unattended Installer, execute the AppVinstaller.exe

2- Once you launch the wizard you will be 3 steps away from your new App-V environment. Click Start to go to the first step.


3- In the first step you select the sources required for your step. We have 4 inputs (sources) required for this step.

– SQL Server 2008 R2: Make sure to use Std. or Ent. edition.

– App-V Server 4.6

App-V PowerShell Snap-in:

– App-V Virtual Package: If you have any ready made sequenced app-v package, you can select it and the wizard will import it during the installation.



4- In the second step you enter the Active Directory configuration and the Credentials to be used by the wizard to do the installation.

Active Directory:

– App-V OU: The name of Organization Unit (OU) that will contain App-V Users and Group.

– App-V Admin Group: The name of App-V Administrators Group.

– App-V Users Group: The name of App-V Users Group.


Enter a domain-admin credentials that will be used during the installation. You will not be able to proceed until you validate you credentials and make sure that you entered a valid username and password, and you account the part of Domain-Admin group.



5- The 3rd step is the last step where the wizard start the installation and configurations part. This step takes around 30 – 45 minutes to do the following:

– Create the required Active Directory Users and Groups

– Install and Configure IIS

– Install and Configure SQL Server

– Install and Configure App-V Server

– Import and Configure App-V Applications




6- After the installation, complete simply click Finish to close the wizard


Now, your app-v environment is up and running with all your virtual application and packages imported and configured. In order to validate you installation, install and configure App-V client on any other machine and try to connect to the server and launch your applications from the client’s machine.

PowerShell Snap-in for Microsoft App-V Server 4.6 SP1

سبتمبر 23, 2011 أضف تعليق

تم الإنتهاء من إصدار النسخة التجريبية من الـ PowerShell Snap-in الخاص بـ Microsoft App-V Server. هذا الإصدار يحتوي على 23 أمر من أوامر PowerShell والتي تغطي تقريبا 80% من App-V GUI console وذلك لتبسيط التعامل مع الـ App-V و كذلك عمليات الـ Administration المعقدة بقدر الإمكان عن طريقة إستخدام PowerShell.



System Options

  • Get-AppVSystemOptions
  • Set-AppVSystemOptions


  • Get-AppVPackages
  • New-AppVPackage
  • Remove-AppVPackage

Application Groups

  • Get-AppVApplicationGroup
  • New-AppVApplicationGroup
  • Remove-AppVApplicationGroup


  • Get-AppVApplications
  • New-AppVApplication
  • Remove-AppVApplication
  • Set-AppVApplicationPublishingSettings


  • Get-AppVAdministrators
  • New-AppVAdministrator
  • Remove-AppVAdministrator

Server Groups

  • Get-AppVServerGroup
  • New-AppVServerGroup
  • Remove-AppVServerGroup


  • Get-AppVServers
  • New-AppVServer
  • Remove-AppVServer


  • Get-AppVProviders
  • Remove-AppVProvider


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