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PowerShell PowerBook, the 1st Facebook module for Windows PowerShell

مارس 15, 2010 أضف تعليق

Today, finally I release the beta version of PowerShell PowerBooK.

PowerBook is the Facebook Module for Windows PowerShell. PowerBook allows you to use many of Facebook features and interact with Facebook via Windows PowerShell. PowerBook contain 24 PowerShell functions that allow you to do most of Facebook actions. PowerBook is the result of integration between Windows PowerShell and Facebook Developer’s Toolkit v3.0.

Since I’m a big fan of Windows PowerShell and one of Windows PowerShell MVPs, I’m always thinking about how to widely publicize it? I found that the best way is doing something shows PowerShell features via something that used by a large number of computer users.

I found that Facebook social network is the best and easy way to reach large number of users with different computer cultures; IT Professionals, Developers, and normal user with little computer background.

I just decided to implement a set of Facebook functionality in a form of PowerShell functions via using Facebook Developer Toolkit v3.0. I guess it will be a good example that shows some of PowerShell basics and also how to use PowerShell to deal with .NET and COM directly.

Note: Since it’s the first try of using Facebook Developer Toolkit, you may face some of unhandled or unexpected errors. Please, accept my apology for any inconvenience. It’s just a beta version of PowerBook. So please, feel free to report any error or bug.

Download :->> PowerShell PowerBook